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Kenny Klimak     Sound Editor  |  Sound Designer

Complete post production sound design and sound editing services for film, television, stage and video projects since 1995. We give each project a fresh listen and approach as we take you through every step of the audio post production process.

An award winning sound editor brings your project to life though creative and imaginative sound design. Barking Dog Sound ... always the best in audio post production.

I'll hear you.

             Current Projects...

Puppetmaster XI 2017.07.22
Sound Editor, Designer and Final Mix - Full Moon Features - Charles Band Dir.
King Of Darkness 2017.07.10
Sound Editor, Designer and Final Mix - World Wide Total Exposuer - Al Burke Dir.
Invocation for a Wondering Lake 2017.06.29
Sound Editor and Designer, and Final Mix - Art Installation Piece - Patty Chang Dir.
Wharton Esherick Documentary 2017.06.01
Sound Editor and Final Mix - Carolyn Coal Dir.
LOVE 99 2017.05.11
Sound Edit and Final Mix - Planet Grande Pictures - Veronica Brady Dir

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